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When it comes to adequately heat individual rooms or zones within a home, Mini Splits are highly effective. This efficiency has to do with the individual air-handling units that are placed within a given room or area in the home. These units can be adjusted to cool or heat only those rooms which are currently being occupied.

Advantages of Using a Ductless Mini Split New York, NY – (855) 908-1496

A ductless mini-split offers much greater control over the climate in different parts of your home than a centralized system would. Because the system allows each air handler to set its own temperature range, you can set the climate in the room you’re currently using without affecting the rest of the home. This is a huge benefit to homes with more than one occupant, especially those who are used to constantly warring over a single thermostat. You also save money by doing this, as a ductless system doesn’t have to condition rooms that are not being used at the time. You can limit your climate control to the rooms actually being used.

You can get more advantages than a central AC system,

1. Tough-to-condition bonus rooms added over garages
2. Home additions
3. Sunrooms
3. Zoning older homes that lack space for ductwork installation
4. Supplemental heating and cooling in homes with central systems to combat hot and cold spots

Ductless Air Conditioner Services & Installation in New York, NY – (855) 908-1496

A ductless mini-split system is a major investment, and you need the right HVAC company to help you make sure that it operates efficiently for years to come. We put in the time and effort to make sure your new ductless air conditioner is installed up to the manufacturer’s specifications.

This is an intricate process that requires great attention to detail, and our highly trained, licensed, and certified technical advisors know every step in the process inside and out. We’ll carefully calibrate and test your new system to make sure that you’ll receive comfort and cost savings.

Save. Relax. Enjoy.

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